General preparation for Yoga Practice

Wear comfortable clothing for easy movement

Bring Yoga mat &/or blanket, cushion, & water bottle

Best to practice on empty stomach, so plan to eat after class (or lightly 1 hour before).

Please arrive on time (or a little early)

Kids & Teens Yoga

A playful and creative experience for children of all ages. Kids classes integrate games and social interaction to help introduce students to a healthy yoga lifestyle. Teen classes are for adolescents age 13 and older. Classes are specifically designed to reduce adolescent stress and encourage teens to experience the ‚"natural high" offered through yoga. Classes are open to all children with parental approval.

Fertility Yoga

A specific series of yoga stretches and flows with an intention of opening the heart and hips to clear the pathway for conception and child-bearing.

Deeply relaxing. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

An energizing and soothing blend of stretches and modified postures combined with yogic breath work to prepare the woman‚ mind/body soul for the powerful experience of pregnancy and motherhood. Each class includes a relaxation exercise focusing on breath, visualization, and body renewal.

Recommended for expectant mothers at any stage in their pregnancy and postnatal women with prior physician approval. No previous yoga experience is necessary.

Kripalu Yoga Flow

Yoga postures are integrated together with the breath in a fun and varied "flow" to help students stretch, release tensions and embrace a deep relaxation/ meditative experience in the Kripalu Yoga Tradition. 

Each class includes guided instruction and opportunity for each student to explore deep and soft approaches to their own yoga practice. Classes conclude with shivasana / yoga nidra including yoga relaxation techniques. Suitable for all levels, beginner to experienced.

Beginner Gentle Yoga

Classes offer detailed instruction on basic yoga postures (asanas) and yogic breathing (pranayama) to encourage new or returning students to connect with their inner self while building stamina. Relaxation techniques are included in each class. Suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners, expectant mothers, and those seeking a gentler practice.