About Suzy

Suzy has been teaching Kripalu style Yoga for over 22 years.

Suzy Sherer, MS, LMT has been teaching Kripalu style Yoga for over 22 years.

Before that, she was incorporating Yoga practice into her Sp.Ed. Pre-school classes (having taught for more than 15 years) & was innovative in bringing Yoga to schools, special needsʼ groups, Girl Scouts, whether through after-school Yoga activities, family-

oriented Yoga programs, & Workshops training teachers ( & medical students in the healthy benefits of Yoga as part of AMCʼs Complimentary/Integrative Medicine program ) incorporating Yoga into the classrooms & wellness programs. 

...some of her previous ʻlittleʼ students have gone on to become Yoga teachers themselves ! 

Suzy is also a licensed NY State Massage Therapist, Nationally Board Certified, & certified in Kripalu Body & Energy Work.

Her path to Yoga & Massage Therapy began early in her life.

Her mother had many illnesses including back & neck discomforts. Suzy was able to

alleviate some of her motherʼs pain through hands-on massage strokes, as her mother claimed she had “magic hands”. Suzy also assisted her father (a popular dentist/oral

surgeon) leading to his encouragement for her to pursue a career in medicine, healthcare, surgery (also recognizing her healing hands).

During her teenage years, Suzy took a course in Transcendental Meditation (TM*) Finding this practice so calming, she decided to go deeper into meditative movement by enrolling in her first Yoga class in College. 

As she developed her own personal Yoga & Meditation practice, she was also training in Early Childhood Development skills, both as a Teacher and as a young Mother. She found Yoga to be helpful in alleviating back discomforts during her 3 pregnancies, as well as helpful in increasing her overall energy & ability to withstand long & complicated labor & deliveries.

During her work as a Special Education teacher, she found Yoga & Creative Movement exercises to be a wonderful means for children to experience their bodies, developing balance, focus & self-control skills. She decided to enroll in a month-long Yoga-intensive Teacher-training program at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Lenox, MA.

As she started teaching classes for “grown-ups”, she found that many folks experienced back & joint discomforts. This then led her to pursue training in Massage Therapy both at the Kripalu Center (Energy oriented body work) & at the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, MA (Medical Massage oriented) leading to Licensure & National

Board Certification.

Suzy opened & managed the SuzyYoga Studio for Yoga & Massage Therapy in

Albany for 7 years (in her fatherʼs previous dental office space attached to his house)

combining her various skills along with elder-parent care-taking responsibilities. 

After her fatherʼs passing, she decided to close the Studio & became the “mat on the move” branching out to other studios & business sites (Excelsior College, YMCA, IVF Centers,etc.)

Suzy also began teaching part-time at the Center For Natural Wellness School of

Massage Therapy (CNW) in Albany, NY, in the areas of Pregnancy, Fertility, & Infant

Massage techniques, influencing new massage therapist trainees in the art of “nurturing the mother” & infant massage.


You can find Suzy each Saturday from May - December at the Delmar Farmersʼ Market offering Chair Massage to a wide range of recipients, & during the week, at the Bethlehem

YMCA teaching various Yoga classes.

Suzy is also commissioned through “StageHands Massage, LLC” to massage a variety of high profile musicians (& crew) before & after their shows @ venues like; SPAC, Times Union Center, Palace Theatre. Suzy has worked with such clients as Journey, Roger Waters / Pink Floyd tours, The Doobie Brothers, Steve Miller Band, Luke Bryan, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, OAR, etc.

Knowing Suzy...

Suzyʼs teaching & massage therapy style has a meditative, calming, nurturing quality,

following movements of the spine & incorporating her massage therapy knowledge of

anatomy & energy flows / meridans / chakras within the body, into her classes.

A student of hers once commented that she was the “Jerry Garcia” of Yoga.... Suzy calls

it “Jam-band” Yoga incorporating several styles of Yoga traditions into each class. Other

students have claimed that they feel “massaged” after her classes, relaxed & re-

energized.... her mesmerizing voice carries them through, making each student feel

welcomed, soothed & actualized.

Suzy feels, as she did as a youngster with her mother, that these offerings are her

“calling”, her “dharma” , on her healing artsʼ path.

As she explains; “I absolutely LOVE my work !! As I witness folks feeling better in their

bodies, hearts & minds, I am reminded of my past and I know I have reached my goal

of promoting balance & well-being, planting seeds of healing in our world.”

Her credentials list her unique background;

*Certified in Kripalu Yoga Instruction & Energy / Bodywork - 1995, 1996,

(Advanced level Yoga - 2006) served on their KYTA Board 1998-2002

& assisted a variety of Yoga & Massage Therapy programs

*New York State Licensed & Nationally Board -Certified Massage Therapist - 1999

*Fertility, Pregnancy & Infant Massage - 1999

*Reiki levels 1 & 2 - 1996, 2000

*Owner / Manager of SuzyYoga Studio 2001 - 2008

*M.S. in Special Education - 1984

*B.S. in Anthropology / Psychology - 1980

*Mother of 3